3 Months Home and a Birthday Party

We celebrated Everly’s 2nd birthday this month. My parents and my adorable niece joined us and we all had so much fun!  We weren’t sure how our girl would do with so
much attention on her, but she surprisingly did really well.  She loved opening her gifts and all the food (especially my mama’s Korean cooking) and my parents little dog, who she spent hours chasing around the house. The last time my parents were here, we had just come home and things were pretty difficult.  Seeing how much Everly has changed, and how much we’ve all changed together, was a gift.
3 months home feels like a lifetime. I can barely remember what it was like before she was with us.  While there are still hard things, there’s a lot to be grateful for. Everly is starting to put words together and ask for specific things, like “bubbles” and “bike,” two of her favorites these days. And the other day, as we started to each lunch, she held her hands out and said “amen,” to remind us that we hadn’t prayed together yet.  Family routines have become her routines. While the transition of adoption has asked all of us for flexibility, having routines in place has brought her comfort and security. We love hearing her voice and long to hear what her desires and wishes are, whether that means she is resisting nap time or asking for more milk.  Even if my answer to her request is no, I still want to hear her voice. Experiencing the joy of watching her open up has reminded me that God wants to hear from me and isn’t annoyed by my requests, desires, emotions and even my objections. Even her toddler tantrums show us that she is comfortable
and more secure.
Do you ever feel like you shouldn’t bother God with your hopes, dreams and honest feelings?
If we feel such joy to hear our daughter’s voice and to see evidence of her deepening trust, how much more does God feel joy and delight over hearing from us and watching our trust in him grow?
God isn’t afraid of our big feelings and our desires.  He longs for us to come to him.  He wants to hear our voices.  He wants to gently lead us.
“O my people, trust
in him at all times.
Pour out your heart
to him,
For God is our
Psalm 62:8

walking with Papa