From Bone and Dust, I am Beloved

Written for SheLoves Magazine and photo design by Chervelle Camille

I’ve pictured the moment a million times: Jesus standing up to remove his outer garments and wrapping a towel around his waist. What were the disciples doing as he did this? Were they paying attention? What did they think the basin of water was for? Did any of them understand? Most of all, I wonder what Jesus’ eyes looked like.

I am moved afresh each time I read the lines and remember he declared nothing about himself and just knelt down low to embrace the dust. The Creator of the universe, the King of all Kings cleaned the dirt from their calloused skin. He knew these men’s hearts, the mix of motives and desires in each of them, their lack of love and potential to love like him. He loved them. He served them that they may learn to sacrificially love and serve one another.
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