Western Church, Is There Space in Our Circles?


When I was little, seeing a back-to-back circle of chairs made my heart beat fast and put my stomach on edge. I don’t remember the first time I played the game; however, after having played it a number of times, I remember how I would study the chairs and look for the one I would run to once the music began, as if I could claim it with my mind before the flurry of arms, legs and squeaky sneakers.
It never went how I imagined it would go. The music was always loud and on the edge of each teasing beat. I ran towards another open chair in a panic, temporarily safe for a few short seconds. My fear of fitting into the circle after each round kept me moving quickly.
I hated when the music turned off and there was one person still running and looking, hoping there was still a spot left. But I also didn’t want to give up my seat.
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