Let Light Shine in Winter


When the sun is allowed to shine through the living room window in our home, it reveals every dusty surface. And at the right angle, it only takes a little light to glare right into my eyes and make everything familiar in our house uncomfortable to look at.

One of the reasons we chose our home was for the light.

Light is powerful. I’ve been longing for it to shine on all of the darkness I see out there; but I’ve forgotten how much of it I need to shine on the dark corners within me. Light asks for my honesty and humility whether I am ready or not.

The religious leaders of Jesus’ day brought a woman caught in adultery before him. With ulterior motives and hearts full of accusation and condemnation, Jesus’ response gave light to all that heard and would ever hear. He bent down and wrote with his finger in the dirt. Raising the temperature and illuminating the years of dust within souls, he asked his listeners to honestly look within and consider their own darkness before throwing a stone. They all slipped away. I’ve always wondered if any of them slipped away, but kept their stone.

I was with a few people I love recently, and while I knew we had opposing views about politics and leaders of today and yesterday, I found myself shocked to realize how far the gap really stretched. I wanted to argue and convince and drop my jaw open as wide as possible. I was upset and yet, in the middle of our conversation, I looked at one of the faces I spoke with and remembered how much I loved this person, and they, me. I remembered all the ways this person’s life spoke the message of Jesus to me. Before I ever knew Jesus, this person showed Him to me by her sacrificial living. And yet, here we were, disagreeing about things that seemed more important than ever and leaders that neither of us had ever met in person.


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