From Hidden to Risen


“Quiz me on this rock,” he said, holding up a bone-colored, jagged- edge stone. I could almost see his words of response at the edge of his lips, ready. My nine-year old has always been excited about geology. Any mention from me is all it takes to open the floodgates of his excitement and stored up information.

“Did you know that some of the rarest gemstones are made deep down in the earth in the hottest lava?”

His question sticks with me. I didn’t know, or if I did at one time, I forgot.

Diamonds are made in hidden places, under the stress of extreme heat.

For the last year, my family has been in transition. All year, we’ve been given the task of building and re-building as we’ve grown from four to five through adoption. As incredible as the gift of adoption has been, the transition of this gift has required all of us to get to work down in hidden places.


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