Other Eyes

“I wish I had different eyes,”

She said

After all the books

And characters

And affirmations

After all the work searching for representation

For all the strong and beautiful reflections

We intentionally celebrate

And all the verses recited and read:

“They turn into slits when I smile,”

She said

Who said other eyes are better? 

And I remember:

The college friend who said

“Everyone knows guys like blond hair and blue eyes best.”

The magazines 

The starring roles 

And Hitler 

Who said other eyes are better?

It’s not a who

It’s a system

That people I love argue against 

Pretend it’s not there

Say, it’s only some people

not everyone

just individuals

While we spend mornings, afternoons, and evenings

Resisting it’s message

Writing, celebrating, encouraging

Remembering the years 

Of self-hate, and years of healing

Reminding her 

Her eyes are beautiful

Wondering if 

All the work

Will be enough.