Hello. I am so glad you are here. There are a million things to follow these days, so I am grateful to have you following the stories here. I don’t want to add to the noise. Instead, I hope you will find stories here that fuel courage, convince you that you’re not alone, and help you navigate the divides you see in the world and within.

That’s me and my mixed Korean and Caucasian American family up there. We are an imperfect bunch whose favorite place to be is together: cozy at home or on an adventure. Together, we are learning how to find beauty amidst chaos, mending after brokenness, and courage that rises despite fear.

I’ve spent many dark and lonely years searching and struggling to settle into my own story.  For the longest time I lived life feeling lost between cultures, continents, translations and dreams, as if I was always one impossible step away from where I was supposed to be.

Stories have changed everything for me. Reading them, sharing them, and learning to embrace my own while moving towards those different from my own, they have brought me one little homecoming after another.  They’ve confirmed to me that we all belong to one another. Most importantly, they have brought me to the Master Storyteller, Jesus, who I believe holds the hope and home of every story.

You and all of your story is welcome here. The journey is always better together.


Tasha Jun (black)