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Posts on life, choosing courage, community, faith and the beauty I find amidst the chaos of life.

more than hapa
home, sweet (and true), home
the pumpkin loaf lady
health and hunger
puke and the love of God
oh parenting
oh parenting…part 2: a shout-out to “real moms”
rainy, melancholy morning
fighting for little girls
week 13 randomness
habakkuk on my mind
i love these mamas
a bon voyage
15 bucks of faith
15 bucks of faith -part 2
embracing the bump -embracing the camera
pizza & sushi rolls -embrace the camera
embrace the camera -june 30
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embrace the camera: july 28
embrace the camera: aug 4
birth and fear
100 things -100th blogpost
brunch, bytavi and choices
the waddling wait
embrace the camera: first weeks together
4 weeks after 40
it’s december 1st
an angel for our tree
the advent conspiracy after christmas
the moon over a grocery store parking lot
light for one of those days
embrace the camera: sunglasses in winter
treasures in our toilet flood saga
going private
Our Desert, part 1
Our Desert, part 2
Our Desert, some final thoughts
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