Other Eyes

“I wish I had different eyes,” She said After all the books And characters And affirmations After all the work searching for representation For all the strong and beautiful reflections We intentionally celebrate And all the verses recited and read: “They turn into slits when I smile,” She said Who said other eyes are better?  … Continue reading Other Eyes

Yellow is a Protest

My daughter has a yellow puffer coat a bright bundle of color  skipping on sidewalks A protest against the monotony of overcast sky a wake-up to wonder color joy reaching far and wide What would my world be without her yellow? She is the zest and zing of lemons worth the weight of gold crowns … Continue reading Yellow is a Protest

Kimchi Jar Baptism

Originally written for PAX Illustration by Sophia Park My mom fell into a kimchi jar  at night She was twelve. She tells me  how the red stained her clothes soaked into her thick hair like conditioner. How she shouldn’t have  snuck out in the first place. She tells me stories like these. Listen to the … Continue reading Kimchi Jar Baptism

How Do We Measure the Immeasurable?

I count the white, wiry hairs poking from the part in my scalp. There are too many. I give up and measure the length from root to where the color changes. These markers are comforting to me right now. I’ve never been a numbers person, but lately, I cling to what feels measurable. I stare … Continue reading How Do We Measure the Immeasurable?

What’s Called Niche Today is the Majority of Tomorrow

I’ve spent so many hours worried about how my kids will understand the way their faith and ethnic identity are intertwined. After I became a Christian, I didn’t know this is something that would matter as much as it does. As a young Christian, it's no surprise that when it came to my faith community, … Continue reading What’s Called Niche Today is the Majority of Tomorrow