The Destiny in Our Daydreams

She scurried over to the rice cooker and opened it. Using a rice paddle to scoop out a few grains of day-old rice with her right hand, she then picked them off of the paddle with her left, squishing them together between her slender thumb and forefinger. I watched her move quickly and silently, her … Continue reading The Destiny in Our Daydreams

Glorious Weakness: A Book Review

I wrote my first story in elementary school. My teacher encouraged us to think about a snapshot or memory of our lives and make it into a book. I remember sifting through ideas with my parents at dinner, imagining what I would draw and the words I would piece together to tell my story. My … Continue reading Glorious Weakness: A Book Review

Courage is for the Faint of Heart

I rubbed my bulging stomach, trying to appease the skin that was stretched and desiccated, begging me for assurance. We were expecting our first child, and at that point in building our baby registry, my mind was whirling. I wanted to hide from the bright white lights of the colossal store, but they reached into … Continue reading Courage is for the Faint of Heart

Lament on the First Day of Spring

The first day of spring was the color of dust and stone this year. That morning, I backed our minivan out of the garage under a continuous cloud stretched across the sky, a barrier between us and the warmth of the sun. The skin around my eyes was puffy and pressed against the plastic rims … Continue reading Lament on the First Day of Spring

From Lonely Women to Women of Wonder

My phone sits on our kitchen counter, buzzing. The dark red laminate counter that I’ve always tolerated frames my iPhone: an underestimated rectangle of information, connection, and distraction, bordering addiction. I make a mental note to add kitchen countertops to the very end of a long list in my mind of things to do, with … Continue reading From Lonely Women to Women of Wonder