Yellow is a Protest

My daughter has a yellow puffer coat

a bright bundle of color 

skipping on sidewalks

A protest against the monotony of overcast sky

a wake-up to wonder color

joy reaching far and wide

What would my world be without her yellow?

She is the zest and zing of lemons

worth the weight of gold crowns

scent of fresh pineapples and papayas

and the hope of daffodils rising 

A goldfinch colors the sky with yellow song

reminding me that God made yellow things too:

mustard and marigolds

cornfields, kong-namul, canaries

And the sun, oh the sun, 

colored with burning bush-fire 

and the wild scribble of kid’s crayons

What would we be without your heat, wax, and birdsong?

I am yellow

shades of skin and starlight

moonshine in the dark

reflecting the Light of all Lights

bright, beautiful, beloved yellow:

A protest against virus lies, superiority, and silenced lives.