Celebrating 10 in Quebec City

Place Royale, the most charming spot for people watching.

The end of spring and beginning of summer are filled with celebrations for our family.  Anniversaries, birthdays, the end of a school year, and both Mother’s and Father’s day to name a few…

The hubby and I celebrated 10 years at the end of May.  We spent the good part of the year prior, planning on a trip away, without the kiddos.  It was so good for us.  We had to start planning early, because at this season in life, getting away, just the two of us, takes a lot of work!!  It was worth it.

We went to Quebec City and it not disappoint.  A few of our favorite things together from early on in marriage are the same after 10 years passed: exploring new places, eating everything from street food to fancy food,  and being in nature.


We loved le Chic Shack!  The fries and their homemade sodas were amazing.


For the first couple of weeks after our trip, I was honestly sad because I missed that one-on-one time with my guy. While we missed our littles every day that we were away, it was so good to be reminded that there’s a solid “us,” and that we love to be together and enjoy things that don’t include our littles.  It’s so easy to forget that in a season with small ones.

I had forgotten how much I like to explore and wander a new city and get around by instinct and love every minute of it until I get lost.  I had forgotten how the hubby likes to use a map at all times.  He likes to have it in hand and know exactly where we are on a map, at. all. times.  While those different exploration methods might have produced a few “squabbles” for us,  it was ultimately good to remember and see how well we are balanced.  I help the Hubby notice and savor what’s around him and he makes sure we don’t end up in a new city altogether with our heads stuck in the clouds.  This is how we are in a lot of life, actually, and it’s a good thing.

Out for a fancy dinner!  I love wearing my Noonday Collection Helena necklace

for the perfect amount of classy elegance.

I don’t know when we will have the chance to get away like that again, but I have been reminded of how important it is to make time for each other, to value one another over all the other things in life. Because there are just SO. MANY. THINGS, right?  Even on weeknights at home, listening to, noticing and valuing one another is important.  Those things shouldn’t require a vacation away to happen, though I would recommend getting away when and if it’s possible, because I believe that we see differently when we are in a new place.  Being “away” gives us fresh eyes for what we call home and that is so important.

Montmorency Falls was beautiful.  Look at the rainbow!

We must to small things with great love in our marriage everyday to keep it growing in good ways.  What small things do you do that communicate great love to your spouse?  I would love to hear new ideas and I’m sure others would as well.

My favorite person to explore new places and all of life with.

Quebec City was a magical place and we found the people there to be wonderful.  Everyone we interacted with was extremely hospitable, kind and helpful.  We hope to go back again and possibly go there as a family someday.  I hope to write another blogpost more-in-depth on the places we visited and what we did while we were there.

The oldest church on Ile d’Orleans – the agricultural island just across
the river from Quebec City.  We spent a day here after visiting Montmorency
Falls: learning about how Maple syrup is made, eating chocolates, wine-tasting
learning about cider and eating the most delicious food while watching the sun
set on the St. Lawrence River.