The Adventures of Mini Asher and Timo in Rwanda

There are 2 more days until it’s go time!  I am ready and not-quite ready all at the same time.  Our team had an wonderful commissioning at our church yesterday.  My whole family left there encouraged.

Be on the lookout for more about the adventures of these two little men…
 Last night, in a moment of sadness over leaving home, Matt reminded me of all the stories that will be involved.  He reminded me that God has made me a lover of stories and that I was going to learn new stories because of this trip, share my own story, capture beautiful stories that God is writing in Rwanda, and bring them home so that they can brush up against stories here.  What an amazing honor.
Then, as we were talking, I remembered that the word I choose at the start of this year, for 2015, is story.  I had completely forgotten about it.  God brought it to mind as we were talking and I was overwhelmed by his faithfulness in something as simple as picking a word for the year.  I picked story because I wanted to have a year where I payed close attention to the story God was writing in and through my life, in my family’s lives and in the lives God places around me.  I wanted to search for HIS story in all things and I wanted to be faithful to write stories like I believe he has made me to do.  I didn’t even have a single thought about Rwanda then.  I had no idea what it would mean for me this year, but He did.  He is so faithful and he is in the details of our lives down to a five letter word.
While I am still struggling with sadness over being away from my boys, I also see the incredible opportunity and gift this trip will be to model for them the value of living on mission.  Of course, I think there is opportunity to model this every single day in the everyday and the mundane, and that it is VERY important to do so. However, I also know they will not have to choose the everyday and the mundane in the same way they might be able to choose to say yes to something outside of it.  We all get some of the everyday and mundane in life.  Beyond my prayer that they will faithfully live in and through the everyday and mundane, I also hope and long for them to grow up to be men who will say yes to risky things, men who will choose to walk into unknown places and things bigger than they are, when God calls them to.  I pray they will know that choosing to be brave because of Jesus’ love for them and for others is worth it, no matter how scared they feel by the choice.  The husband and I want them to know that they can say yes to crazy things if God leads them to, and that we will be behind them 100%, no matter how brave we have to be as parents watching them say yes.
So, this trip is also for my boys and the story that’s being written for them.  It only made sense that Mini Asher and Mini Timo should head to Rwanda with me so we can create a lighthearted story of our own!  I hope you will follow along.